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Candy Quota is a passive multiplayer game about working together in an unstable world that only exists during the month of October. Each player works together by harvesting candies that are used to power a strange machine that raises a massive ladder into the sky. Each players contributions are shared with all players in the world, so that together we can raise the ladder to see what awaits above...


  • Explore a spooky world and gather as much candy as you can!
  • Use candy to access new areas and feed the mysterious mouth at the town center.
  • Explore with others via passive multiplayer (Ghosts!)
  • Search for stars to unlock new accessories (masks, hats, etc)
  • Play minigames to earn more candy!
  • Chill out at the cinema and watch spooky movie trailers.

How to Play

Collect any candy that you find and use them to operate various machines found throughout the world. The ladder in the center of the level will raise every time candy has been fed to the large mouth nearby.

The game features passive multiplayer functionality that will allow you to see the ghosts of other players (including any accessories they are wearing) as they navigate their own instance of the world.  

Raising the ladder in the center of the map is the main goal of the game and the contributions to that will be collectively shared with all players so that the ladder remains in sync.

Work together with all of the other players to harvest enough candy to completely raise the ladder before October ends and reveal what awaits above.

At the strike of midnight on November 1st, the world will disappear until next October! Have fun and Happy Halloween!


  • Move: D-Pad, Left Stick, WASD, or Arrow Keys
  • Jump: X (PS), A (XB), or Spacebar
  • Interact: Square (PS), X (XB), or E

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